Not an easy forecast week on tap – Mild/Seasonal day ahead!

First of all, today will be downright mild and nice. It is the influence of a late Feb sun and we hit near normal temps area wide! melting is in full effect! Tomorrow we will see rain, but tomorrow night into Tuesday there is a chance that we could see a mix of precipitation back over to snow. I am not expecting accumulations. Tuesday into Wednesday looks cloudy to becoming sunny.I am not exactly certain what is going to happen Thursday. There is likely to be some storminess around and this could mean a bit of snow. There are some hints at a bigger system that could affect us that day. This is dependent on a storm that could form along the NC coast. I am not too convinced of it now. What I am convinced of is that temps will head back below normal this week. There also is a threat of a bigger system the first couple days of March and that one *COULD* be rather significant.

All for now!

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