Nice Warm Spring days with Thunderstorms in the forecast – Some may be severe

Happy Easter!

Today does not look bad at all! A sunny day for the most part but the northern third of Virginia, Maryland, and definitely up into Pennsylvania will need to watch for storms. The instability will be enhanced by the stationary front up in PA. The Severe Storms Prediction Center (SPC) has outlined these regions for Slight Risk of severe with the biggest threat winds, but isolated hail and even an isolated tornado is not out of the question.

80s will be the predominant temperature with a challenge being when storms will be more likely. This is again looking to be a very severe week for the Midwest and Eastern Plains. There will be multiple days of very heavy rains and thunderstorms. These storms could prove severe with damaging winds and even tornado threats here as the front and the associated storm complexes come over the region. We will have a lot to watch especially Wednesday into Thursday.

I think that hits the big events this week. More details to come!

All for now!