well, today thru tomorrow, most of us will see a mix to rain, maybe some snow north of mason-dixon line…. on 13th-14, a clipper comes down and, latest 00z gfs and euro, show some coastal development off va-nc border, have to wait and see on that… then the 15th-16th,. another clipper comes down, a little more to south, could be some snows.. still 5-6 day away for that one…. then after that storm the real change happens, it gets frigid. and stays frigid for about 2 weeks.. which takes me to my final thought. on the 18th-20th, a storm forms in gulf, and comes up coast as a miller A. and it looks to be plenty cold enough for snow..

now remember the ones beyond 3 or 4 days out, can and probably will change back and forth change, so of course we have to keep a watch on them. but either way, its looking very wintry the next 2 weeks and beyond.

*** luke ***