NC/SC Severe threat!

Remember that a few days ago we were dealing with a Snow storm in parts of the region! Today widespread 50s and 60s! Some places this morning for low temps were nearly 20 degrees warmer! You ain’t seen nothing yet! Forecasts for places like Raleigh, NC will see 75 degrees tomorrow! They had SNOW Sunday! Or Lynchburg, VA that had 7″ of snow will see 71 tomorrow! CRAZY!

Due to the moist air mass a few showers cannot be ruled out later today. Shoot SPC shows a Thunderstorm risk for parts of VA, NC, and SC and even a severe risk in Western NC and SC! Showers are more likely and especially this evening up north. Tomorrow is the “Warm” day will mid 60s to mid 70s possible area wide.

A convoluted set up occurs Friday into Saturday with a cold front that will knock temps back down and also provide some good rains! We will need to watch again for a severe threat Friday, but, as of now, it appears and Eastern NC and SC risk.

HPC has the following 5 day Precipitation map:

This is lighter than their earlier prediction.

SPC is highlighting the possibility of severe in western NC and SC:

It is like Spring.

MUCH cooler this weekend with highs back into the 40s and 50s.

All for now!