More rain than I thought.. SNOW close by.. maybe a bit more.. warmer next week and then?

This morning snow fell in many western areas including areas just to my west in Purcellville, VA! Pretty exciting to see it so close. 3 disturbance are swinging or have swung through the region leaving much more rains today than first thought! Coldest high of the Fall with highs in the low 40s today. As the third piece of energy travels through this evening rain has filled back in and there is a chance as winds switch to the north that rain could again switch to or mix with snow for a while!

Rain will depart during the first half of the day Saturday with winds picking up as a coastal low gets spun up off the coast. Cool conditions will continue with highs in the 40s and low 50s in the south.

Things start warming with highs low to mid 50s in the North, upper 50s south Sunday, 50's and low 60s Monday, Low to mid 60s Tuesday.

Long term is up in the air with possibilities of warmer or colder temps. Hedging my bets that we will stay somewhat mild and not super cold though we may cool a bit after a front mid next week. Some models point to a Thanksgiving week cold outbreak, others mild to "warm". the battles will continue!

All for now!