Milder air| A little mix| A close call or snow?

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The winter of non-sticking cold continues. We will see moderation today to 40s and 50s. Milder tomorrow to upper 40s and 50s. Even so, a little snow and rain shower action could occur tonight into tomorrow morning for north and higher elevations. Some rain showers tomorrow. Mild 50s Wednesday. Slightly cooler Thursday with rain showers a better bet than snow showers based on pattern and temps.

(Remember that Mountains are usually 10 degrees colder)

Next weekend has me wondering about a big Southeastern US storm that could bring snow to Southern and Central Virginia and even North Carolina. It is possible it come further north as well. Forecast models give me some thoughts that this may be the case and we need to watch as they are kind of trending that way. Stay tuned.

Honestly though, if that does not happen, I think the snow storm window will shut as a return to the winter pattern we have seen so far appears to re-emerge and temps in the 60s next week would not be too far fetched!

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