Many could see first flakes of the season next 24 hours

A disturbance and cold front will cross the area the next 24 hours and bring even colder air into the region tomorrow!

For today, the cold air aloft will cause clouds to increase as the day goes as the sun will cause some convective precip to form. Mountain areas should see rain/snow mix, higher elevations, just snow. Showers elsewhere. As the energy from the front approached there could be just enough moisture to allow snow showers for most areas tonight. This would be more up north. The reinforcing shot of cold air will bring plenty of wind as a system develops off the coast. Areas along the eastern shore up through Delaware, YOU MAY see a period of light snow tomorrow morning! That low and the building cold high to the west will bring winds in the 20 and 30 mph range with higher gusts to the Piedmont and coast, and even higher winds to the higher elevations. Westward facing slopes will see an increase in snow! The ski resorts are happy!

Temps will remain in the 30s to as much as upper 40s in the south tomorrow, but it will be the coldest day we have had this season thus far!

The rest of the week looks cold too. Wednesday's highs will almost match tomorrow, but have less wind. Highs will rebound to upper 40s and low to mid 50s south Thursday, but cold air again will be reinforced for Friday and in to the weekend!

How we looking longer term? First, I do not want to fail to mention a Model showing a potential Snowstorm possible for New England that we could see a little touch from. That would be later this week, and, as of now looks improbable. About 8 days from now we "COULD" see a real shot at a storm system along the east coast which "COULD" spell some accumulating snows for the region. After that, models show some changes and a milder pattern for several days. This is way far out and I just am not sure at this time.

All for now!