Major Spring Storm to affect area with very heavy rains, high winds, coastal flooding, Snow?

A very serious storm system appears to about to take an aim on the Mid Atlantic. Starting tomorrow conditions will all start to come together for a action packed weekend of weather!

The threats:
1. Heavy Rains/Flooding: Would not be surprised to see 3 to 6" of RAIN especially east of I -95
2. Heavy winds: Friday will be breezy and cool. Saturday will see an increase in winds as the storm begins taking shape. Sunday and Monday will be raw and windy with Coastal flooding a real possibility
3. Coastal Flooding: A prolonged time of heavy rains and winds will cause beach erosion and and flooding.  Please stay tuned to  news and radio outlets for your region
4. Severe Storms: The Best threat here would be far Southeastern Virginia and North Carolina. It is a threat though that should be monitored!
5. SNOW? Yes, I would especially be concerned in teh higher elevations, but, if dynamics really become strong, and they very well could, a switch over to all snow could occur for the immediate piedmont up to the 95 corridor before ending!

This is a serious storm and many watches and warnings will be coming out the next few days. Please heed news/radio/and weather outlets for the potential dangerous conditions this weekend!

All for now!