lukes winter 2009-2010 forecast!!

i think, the mid atlantic will have colder than normal temps and above normal precip, whether that means above normal snows depends largely on the track. i think with the light to mod elnino, we will have an active storm track to the south. with the way the pdo and soi are, and with the elnino rising slightly then expected to fall off after december, that could mean a colder winter then weve seen . and if we get the souther track going and more noreasters, we could get 150 to 200% of normal snowfall. but alot has to happen, but the potentail is there, some analogs used by j bastardi, for the up coming winter are a like ness to 63-64, 77-78, and 2002-2003. so i guess we have to wait an see. but i do think we will have at least our normal snowfall, maybe more. and a colder than normall winter. alot depends of track.