Less wind and sunny cold|Milder tomorrow|Rain?Snow?Nothing?

Unlike yesterday, today we will have calm winds and sunny skies to help offset the cold temps. Highs again only in the 40s. Tomorrow looks a bit milder with highs reaching the lower 50s for many.

Tuesday is a big question mark! Why? Well we have a system that may not be all that energized coming to the region. There could be some showers. Rain may mix with snow in the North and western Suburbs of teh DC/ Baltimore area and even in the DC and Baltimore later in the day depending on how much precipitation falls, and the track of this system and energy. This is not much of a system at this point, but models are having a hard time with exact set up. I will watch, but it does not look too impressive no matter what falls!

We look cool with highs remaining in the upper 40s to lower 50s the rest of the week. The cold air that is building in Canada is remaining stuck as the pattern is also stuck up in the Bering straights (ya near Alaska!) and that is keeping us from the stormy and cold pattern that I had believed would come. Will watch for that to change!

The Web Site will be a slow process to get back to all working! Please be patient!

All for now!