Irene temporarily weaker – Do not let it fool you! More later!

The below still looks good. I will try and get more specific later today!

NC – Friday/Saturday – Major Impact – Serious situation for Outer Banks and eastern part of the state. Please heed evacuation requests. A category 2 or 3 hurricane is serious and has not been something that has been experienced in a long while – Outer Banks should not be occupied when she comes through!

VA – Saturday/Sunday – Eastern VA will feel the effects of the storm especially from the coast to about 50 miles inland. Again, heed evacuation requests. Eastern Shore especially vulnerable

Maryland – Saturday/Sunday – Serious impacts along coast to about 50 miles inland. Eastern Shore is the most vulnerable.

Delaware – Saturday/Sunday – All of Delaware to be effected. The coast is obviously the most vulnerable

Pennsylvania – Sunday/Monday – Mainly eastern areas and this will be wind and rain.

NJ – Sunday/Monday – Major impacts, especially along the coast. High winds and heavy rains likely.