Ice issues remain this morning. Snow this afternoon

The ice continues most of the night and has been really a problem for the central piedmont. Be extremely careful especially on secondary streets and walking!

The snow threat this afternoon and evening looks less impressive than I may have thought, but bears watching as models do not get these scenarios correct often. I am not saying we will get more than foretasted, I am saying it is very hard to forecast.

Why was it so much colder? My only real thoughts on this was that the storm that is to the west was not as strong as foretasted which meant the southerly winds were not as strong as thought. These winds would have warmed the atmosphere and switched things to rain yesterday instead of this morning. Also, the secondary low that could  cause some snow this afternoon and evening coudl affect the scouring of the cold as well.

The week will remain fairly cold with the next threat of wintry weather Sunday night into Tuesday!

All for now!