I am back. And working on doing this daily again! Cooler air on the way- Rain – and then maybe really colder!

First: I am back. I want to make this a part of my life for me! I need something to break teh monotony of the day to day and I like Weather.

Second: The Forecast:
The front that extended from the Low that dumped the serious snow in ND and SD is swinging through. Showers have ended for areas west of the immediate coastal areas. It is headed through now.

The system will usher in some cooler air for the first part of the week! Then the models are all over the place. It looks like late in the week could become wuite wet with a low headed up the Appalachians. That could also bring much colder air down for the following week. So cool 40's and 50's through Wednesday.. some warming and then maybe some big rains. The next 24 hours should see clearing occur and temps pretty much in the 50s and night time getting back inti the 30 to 40 degree range, around 50 Southeast.

Longer Term: The colder air that may get unleashed next weekend may be REALLY cold. It bears some watching.

Tropics sould be done, but Paloma is turning at 140 mph winds! Amazing storm!

All for now!