HOTTER and More HUMID tomorrow!

It is gonna be a scorcher as we head to the low and mid 90s tomorrow with very high humidity! Temps will feel like 100 or close to it! We will also see thunderstorms fire again and some could be severe.
Monday will repeat this all over again before a few days of break in oppressive heat, but do not get used to it! More heat will build by Thursday as we again approach the 90 to 95 degree mark.

This is likely the pattern for Summer too! High heat and Humidity will be a repeat performance week after week with little respites between.

There is quite an interesting feature out in the Middle Atlantic as well and it may be the first tropical storm in a few days if it strengthens. Of note, middle and eastern Atlantic Tropical Storm formation most years is later in the season and the fall. This year temps are very warm so a tropical system could form out that far. This is the fear this year as well. The Atlantic is a very hot steam bath this year and will likely yield many storms. We can hope they stay at sea, though signs are there that this will be a bad year. I am serious when I ask for prayer this year as it could be very bad for many people.

All for now!

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