Hot with a chance of severe – then brutally hot

The Storms Prediction Center (SPC) has highlighted southern VA and NC for a slight risk for severe today. The biggest threat will be Hail and Damaging winds. Hot conditions in the low and mid 90s with high dewpoints will make it feel close to 100. Still a small storm chances tomorrow with continued heat. The high pressure dome causing the heat will settle into the area and temps will jump another 5 to 8 degrees making 100 possible Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Some may see it Sunday as well. Temps will come down some due to storm threats Sunday and then a front may make it down by Tuesday which will knock temps back to normal. That is the way it looks now.

Tropical Storm Brett will accelerate NE and he peaked yesterday with winds around 65 mph then. He is down to about 50 mp this AM. Models pointing at another possible system early next week.

All for now!