Hot tomorrow and Wed – wet weekend looking possible

After the humidity and summer pattern the last 2 weeks we got a break yesterday, today, and will, to an extent, tomorrow. That being said, the temps do rise tomorrow and especially Wednesday before a front come though Thursday morning and send temperatures down.

The unfortunate news is a multi-faceted set up this weekend that could mean more heavy rains.i

The players:
1. Trough that comes through Thursday leaves a "weakness" along the Eastern Seaboard.
2. Trough digging further west of the East coast will bring warmer and moist air north to the region.
3. A Tropical Low near the Bahamas looks to move towards the region and couple with this. Will it be a Tropical Storm or Hurricane? Hard to tell.
4. Impulses of energy riding through the trough!

1+2+3+4= a chance of a lot of rain!

We will need to watch the evolution of this for the next several days!

All for now!