HOT! Then Thunderstorms and back to more normal temps! Much cooler next Friday!

Today is extremely HOT! Steamy Hot too! Stay cool, drink fluids, and wear light colored clothing! Just no fun when staying outside unless you are in a pool!

Tonight into tomorrow an increasing chance of showers and thunderstorms will "cool" the area to the lower 90s tomorrow. Then a week where temp start in the seasonal mid 80s and maybe down to highs only in the 70s this coming Friday.

Tropics: They seemed to heat up and cool down again The aftermath of Dean was not as bad as one would have feared. Mean he was but many in Mexico and other areas headed warnings making him less of a killer than he could have been. Also, he hit a rural part of Mexico. Thank goodness for the miss to many that would have been devastated by him.

All for now!