Hot day – Cooling down – A bit wet this weekend

90s today, cooling to 80s north and still low 90s south tomorrow, and then low to mid 80s north to about 90 South Friday. The forecast is pretty straight forward today and tomorrow.A front will slowly progress southward to the region and begin to cool things a bit tomorrow. By late in the Day, with winds off the ocean, showers and storms could occur especially towards evening and into the night.

Friday looks to get increasingly humid and rain chances will be higher. Then we have the amplifying trough to the west and potentially tropical storm Danny to the east putting the squeeze on the area. I would suspect we see rain chances on and off through Sunday. This could include heavy rains east of 95 with the tropical system, and other pockets of heavy rains elsewhere. Temps will be fairly cool with highs around 80 in the north to the mid and possibly upper 80s south.

When a front makes it through Sunday night into Monday, the rain chances will decrease and a cool autumn like air mass will push temps to eh 70s.

I am going to do more analysis on the systems this weekend and try and get a better handle on rain chances. We definitely need to watch the tropics and we could see more heavy rains where we do not need them.

All for now!