Hot 90s!Ana|Bill|Claudette!

Carbon Copy forecast of Sunday for today-90s and muggy! Storm threats will begin later tomorrow, especially along the Mountains and west. A better chance will come Wednesday through Friday. Temps will remain in the upper 80s and lower 90s!

Ana: Tropical depression and may not be able to hang on. Latest tracks from models now show it making it into the eastern Gulf, but it still may be nothing more than a tropical wave at that time. Not impressed at this time

Hurricane Bill: Bill became the first Hurricane of the season this morning. He looks impressive and will likely to continue to steadily strengthen. It is fairly likely that he will become a major storm (winds greater than 110 mph) in the next few days. He bears watching, but may become a system that curves back out to sea.. It is a bit tough to tell and the East coast needs to keep watch! If he misses the east coast, the effects of high winds and surf will be felt!

Tropical Storm Claudette (soon to be a Tropical Depression): She came on shore in the Florida panhandle (sorry for the miss there) She will be dying out the next few days and will eventually provide some moisture and energy to the front headed eastward to our region.

All for now!