Hot 90s-Some Storms-2nd Tropical Depression Forms

90s feeling close to 100 today. Scattered afternoon storms, some heavy rains producers and they could persist into the evening. Highs will be in the low to mid 90s north, mid and upper 90s south.

Temps 85 to 90 tomorrow with scattered showers and storms northern regions, and a good chance of rain across the southern half of VA and NC. Rain chances will continue across southern Virginia and North Carolina Thursday before becoming more scattered Through the weekend. The Northern half of Virginia will be dry for the most part except a possible shower or storm Saturday. Highs region wide will be in the low an mid 80s.

The tropics get active:
The second tropical depression of the Hurricane Season formed overnight from the wave that emerged a few days ago off the African coast. It appeared to have almost dies out and then flared up last night. As of now it looks like the first storm of the season may form out of this.Get more information at;=tropsystems&year;=2009®ion;=NT&hwvstormid;=2&alt;=tropsystempage&hwvmetric;=

A few more systems bear some watching, especially now in the Caribbean that appears to have also flared up. Another wave is just emerging off Africa as well.

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