Here is comes! HOT WEATHER! 1 more day of ok!

I keep warning that it is coming and really is! A serious heat wave is on the way. Temps will jump above 90 tomorrow and be there at least through next weekend! Temps will start approaching 100+ Thursday through Sunday. I am not seeing a break in the heat the following week wither.

So I am not kidding that it is time to get your AC fixed if it is not. Drink plenty of fluids, Just be prepared!

Monday could feature strong to severe storms helping to break the heat a bit, but really no relief.

I mentioned that the tropics were not active and then, an invest was named and a circulation. It currently has a 20% chance of development but may have a better chance in a day or so. It is east of FL. I will watch.

All for now!

I do still recommend R.H. Johnson HVAC if you need help with the AC!