Here is comes again! HOT! HOT! HOT!!!

Yes, we are heading into another week of 90s. The summer of heat and humidity is returning! We will see 90s – with temps again feeling like 100 to 105!
Also, there is a chance again of 100 degrees Tuesday!
I want to say, I LOVE winter and hate hot weather. This weather stinks to me!

There are some showers and storms possible starting Thursday.

The Tropics are very active, and fortunate that no system has gotten too strong. There is a disturbance off of Florida, Tropical Depression Colin almost on top of Bermuda and could restrengthen, and then a strong wave half way between Africa and the Caribbean that may become a tropical depression in the next few days.

What does the winter look like. According to Accu weather it should be close to normal. Nothing like last year!

All for now!