Heat is relentless and hotter! Bonnie!

Everyone is talking about it! We are all feeling it! Hot temps in the
100 to 105 range today and tomorrow. With the humidity we could see
heat index values hit the 110 t 115 range tomorrow! The hottest days
we have had yet. Sunday will bring some showers and storms knockibg
the temps back a bit.

Temps Monday through Wednesday next week will just be in the upper 80s
north while central and southern areas still remain within a few
degree of 95. After Sunday the next chance of rain will be next
Thursday. I do wonder if the remnants and moisture will fuel some more
chances of rain next week. We will see.

Bonnie is moving rapidly to the NW and will strike Floriday later
today. Winds remain near 40 mph. Bonnie may become a depression over
FL and then restrebgthen in the Gulf before maybe hitting Louisiana as
a strong tropical storm, or, at most, a minimal hurricane.

We will see! Stay cool!

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