Happy Halloween with nice weather – True cold possible next weekend!

Today's weather looks really nice! Highs will range from the low 60s to the low 70s for many with plenty of sun. Tonight will again see temps dip to below freezing for many along and west of 95 and that will likely be the case tomorrow night as well. Monday looks very chilly, with highs reaching only the lower 50s in the north and low 60s for the south. Cloudier conditions will begin Wednesday as a serious storm system begins to take shape over the east. As of now this storm will likely stay west of the region or come right through it. We may see some heavy rains based on some predictions or just showers Wednesday through Thursday night. That storm will bring in very cold, polar origin air and, if the growing season had not ended for some, it will likely end it for all by next weekend as night time lows plummet to the 20s for many. Highs could only be in the 40s for the north Friday and Saturday.
Some warming air would likely follow this.

Tomas has strengthened to 100mph winds. He has slowed and may even weaken a bit before restrengthening. Long term he looks to bend north and hit Hispaniola after a few days of slow west, southwest, and the northward movement. He will need to be watched for possible phase potential along the east coast with the trough that is about to set up.

All for now!