Happy Ground Hog day – Snow on the way! Bit more snow tan first thought for some!

Areas along I -95 from Fredericksburg north into southern Maryland could see 1 to 2 inches of snow with a mix of rain at first.
Areas west of I-95 – 15 miles east of a line from Charlottesville to Dulles and westward to the mountains and beyond could see  2 to as much as 4" of snow. The higher amounts likely immediate  Piedmont and mountains.

Areas south on I -95 a mix of sleet and rain will occur, but Southwestern VA and western NC will see a mix of sleet, snow, and freezing rain. Please be careful!

The Weekend system is setting up as a northwestern 2/3rds of the state. Due to a bit of warmer conditions I would set this more in line with the totals from the December 19th storm for these areas. Along I – 95 from Fredericksburg and going down to Richmond will see a mixing scenario. It is possible that the mixing will go west of this, but the snow totals will be impressive.

This will again likely be a MAJOR storm and some areas could again approach 20" or more of snow!

Please stay alert today as the snow moves in for the evening rush up north.

All I have for now

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