Good Soaking rains over last night usher in cooler weather the rest of the week! Snow Showers?!

A nice rain fell last night with the front and that rain should be ending in the east by later morning. Cooler air now moves in and will persist until about Sunday when warmer conditions will begin. Temps at night will dip into the 20s for many areas especially Wednesday night. Now, there is a chance some precipitation could fall Thursday through Saturday and ay night time this would mix with or be snow showers. This is especially true for higher elevations and some snow showers there look likely Thursday night and Friday night. For areas west of 95 up to the mountains a mixture of snow and rain showers seems possible Friday night!

Realistically, I am not super impressed with the idea of any snow east of the mountains, but the possibility exists.

Longer term looks like a little warm up and then back to seasonal next week after another front.

All for now!