Fred was born last night – Rainy day – Cool

Highs will be in the 70s today with quite a bit of showers.All this is due to the low coming up the East Coast and High pressure to the North East spreading rains inland. Showery weather will persist through Thursday and even into Friday. Today will be more uniform rains east of the mountains and somewhat heavy on the coast. Today will be the best chance of rain for the week as the low off the east coast will shift Northeastward and more out to sea. Persistent easterly winds will not let the chance of showers stop however all week!

Fred was named late last night and is packing winds at 50 mph. He has re-formed further south than his original thought to be center but he will likely curve into colder waters in the next few days. He could easily be at Hurricane strength by tonight or tomorrow morning.

All for now!

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