Flooding likely for rivers! A lot of rain on the way!

If you have been reading the headlines the heavy rain event that has been forecast for days is now starting to truly take shape. A strong low will bring copious amounts of water to the region and rain will pick up and become heavy tonight through a lot of tomorrow.The question is how much rain. I was fairly certain a 3 to 5 inch rain was in the works, but I am thinking 1 to 3inches, more like the 2 to 3 is more likely with isolated higher amounts in the north. We will see. I am now thinking north of the area up into Southern New England may see the bulls eye. No matter what, the moist ground, melting snow pack will contribute to flooding! Also, of note, the winds will be high enough to bring down trees so power outages will be an issue. Drizzly sunny with a gradual clearing Monday will round out the short range!

All for now!