Dry air and much cooler – need rain!

So the dry air is racing in with gusty winds and cooler temps! Tomorrow's highs will be in the 60s for the mountains, 70s North, and low and mid 80s south. The cooler air will hang with us as temps stay in the 70s and low and mid 80s through the weekend. Sunday will bring a chance of a needed shower or storm. Next week some warming will occur and places in the south will approach 90 while north will see mid 80s.Cooler 80s and 70s will come back mid next week!

With cooler air coming and the need for your lawn to have the best nutrients, it is time to Aerate! My buddy runs The Aeration Corps in NOVA and I strongly recommend him!
http://www.theaerationcorps.com/ They have a special going. Shoot, spread the word!