Did you enjoy the break from the heat? It is OVER! 100+ degrees for 5 straight days is possible

Happy 4th of July! We still live in the best country in the world, though we have many challenges and our foundations have been undermined, we are the country that so many want to come to! God has blessed America, you should really take time to figure out why!

We will be a HOT, and I mean HOT! 100 degrees is possible for 5 days in many locations starting Monday! I see no rain and now parts of the region have hit moderate drought status.

After Hurricane Alex, which was one of the strongest June Hurricanes on record (it had a pressure of 947 MB) and if it had time it would have probably become Major, we now have a disturbance in the Gulf that we should watch, and a wave is about to come off Africa

Please be careful tomorrow as we will have low humidity and the sun angle would mean a good chance of Burning as the IV Index is very high at 9!