DC/MD/VA Icy Mess on Sunday

DC/MD/VA Icy Mess on Sunday

Sleet and Freezing Rain event for the areas of Harrisonburg to just west of Leesburg up to north of Baltimore. Northern Maryland west of 95 closer to the Frederick Maryland area could see a burst of heavy snow before a mix. 1-3″ of slop 20 miles either side of the line discussed, but the heavy snow areas could see 2-4″ with isolated 6″

A mix is possible all the way down to Richmond and west to Roanoke with areas just east of teh Mountains seeing the most whereas most areas will see a switch to plain rain along the I-95 corridor . Draw a line from Roanoke up to Charlottesville and straight up to Dulles Airport to BWI and areas east of this should see a change over early enough to be a nuisance. The Immediate valleys of the Apps up to Charlottesville will see enough for storm warning criteria.

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