Crazy weather – Mild rainy AM- Late week system more confident

Overnight many saw flooding rains and very gusty winds. Many flood warnings remain, so be careful! Temps have soared to the low 60s for many! This may hold for a while and start to fall some as the day progresses. This week will be interesting! Colder air will definitely visit and with reinforcements of cold air later this week. A wave of low pressure appears likely to form across the south and ride up towards the area towards the weekend. This could be a prolonged area of snow and ice for the region starting as early as Wednesday night for some and lasting through Saturday. If models are true, totals could range up to and even above a foot in some locations! That is all based on models but we have to look at the potential of a major storm as possible.

After today, the week will be cold with temps ranging 35 to 45 for the region,, with partly cloudy conditions Tuesday

Please be careful and do not attempt to drive through standing or moving water! You have no idea really how deep it may be!

All for now!