Cool evening – Bit of rain NC and SW VA – Little tropical storm Grace? – Bigger rain?- Long Term Cold – Winter?

Temps will cool down into the 40s and 50s tonight for most. Clouds and an increase in a chance for rain looks likely in SW VA and North Carolina. Virginia will mainly see clouds but some rain will be possible in Southern Virginia. This will be especially true tomorrow.

Temps will be in the 70 to 80 degree range. More widespread rain chances will occur Tuesday night into Wednesday and then again Friday night into Saturday. As noted before, much cooler air looks to follow the system this Friday and highs for many may be the 50s next week with frosts and freezes possible.

On a similar note, there could be quite a bit more rain than what is indicated if certain events pan out the way they could. I will update if that occurs, but will leave this alone for now!

Tropics: A wild very small system north of the Azores looks very tropical and was named as I was typing this up. Tropical storm grace with winds estimated at 65 MPH. She is likely at her peak already and is REALLY small!

Another bloc of tropical convection will also need some monitoring the next few days.

So more winter outlooks:

First off in my last discussion I mentioned that the El Nino would not be as much of a factor this year for a favorable colder winter scenario. It ill be present mind you, which I think I misspoke on last time.

Second factor.. Cold water off Pacific NW Coast. I do not like it, but I would be wrong thinking it is a lock all winter. these things can change and I would not put stock in it for another month or so. But, if it hangs around, I also would not expect as cold of a winter as the Pacific Jet Stream would be in an unfavorable position. WAY too early to tell how this will play out.

Snow cover I will continue to watch and will definitely expand this week!

All for now!

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