Cool and then snow?

I need to really kick it back into high gear on posting! I have been very active at and at

In general we have a couple of camps next week – a model that phases (joins) 2 systems and causes a sizable Nor’easter and then models that come close to doing the same, and then others that let the system go out to sea!

What do I think? I am seeing a phase, but not sure it is as aggressive as the European says. Also, I am skeptical of lower elevations seeing snow! You get to 1000 feet or above, I am more confident. That being said, if the storm system (happening some time between Tuesday Night and Thursday) does occur at night and does have heavy precipitation, elevations west of I-95 may see some snow and others a mix!

As of this AM – posted by Henry Margusity of Accuweather – the European snow map shows this!

I remain reserved for this region seeing snow, but further North I am pretty convinced as long as we see the phasing! That being said there are elements there that would lead me to believe snow could fly. If I sound unsure, well I am!

In the near term:

Cool conditions in general persist with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s for most.

Cool and sunny day today and a bit of clouds tomorrow!

More later!