Complicated! Rainy, some ice,.. likely little bit of snow

FIRST I want to say that there is going to be a lot of rain the next couple of days. In order of 2 to 4" if things pan out the way they may.

SECOND it will be very warm tomorrow and could include some thunder.

THIRD a front will swing through and how far it goes will mean a big difference in what we get weather wise. I can see sleet and some freezing rain, especially piedmont. Snow, sleet and freezing rain are likely to be along and west of the mountains.

If we see the front that will cause the rain tomorrow head further south and east than currently forecasted, we may see some more wintry weather. As of now, the areas of the immediate piedmont and mountainous regions will need to be monitored.

This is not a "set in stone" scenario and I could see some surprises, especially with ice potential as cold air damming sets up.

I will be unable to look a lot at this until tomorrow evening. I hope to have some focus by then! Luke will also look at this and keep the conversations going at the forum!

All for now!