Colder than normal temps + a southern storm= SNOWSTORM POSSIBLE!

Colder than normal temps + a southern storm= SNOWSTORM POSSIBLE!

Summary:  Wow! Here we go with another chance of snow! Anyone remember temps last weekend?  That is right! Give the weather a week and things can chage. The Combining features. A strong 1040MB High (Impressive this time of year) in Canada and a southern storm. So many things work against accumulating snow in areas east of the mountains this time of year!

  1. Warm ground
  2. Warm sun
  3. Long daylight hours
  4. Climatology


BUT.. there are exceptions to every situation! And this may be the exception! Right now, the most favored areas are higher elevations, especially north of Charlottesville. Higher elevations could see 3-6” and lower elevations 1-3”. Areas west of I-95 north of Fredericksburg to Charlottesville seem more likely to me than anywhere else to see snow (other than the mountains of course)


Longer term appears to remain below normal to near normal temps and continued dry.



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