Charley and the old front

Severe weather already firing the Southeastern part of
the area! The old stalled front is providing a focus
for overrunning rain which has already been heavy and
severe tonight! Please stay alert.

Tomorrow, the official track still takes the storm
close to us. Winds will be on the increase, tidal
flooding, and heavy rains!

At 11:00 pm Charley was packing winds of 85mph and
about to go into the Atlantic. It will strengthen and
is forecasted to come onshore again near the NC/SC
border. I am not sure of this and feel it may be
further east.. but models diverge on this. Despite
this, with the fronts involvement it looks like heavy
rains and some severe weather will still be likely

All for now!

Please note! I am possibly on the road tomorrow and
may not be able to update again! Please stay tuned to
news and weather outlets for updates!

Jimmy Chaplin of Mid Atlantic Weather.
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