Beautiful Cool Days – Almost cold Monday! Could there be a storm?

Coolest air of the season has settled and will get reinforced Monday. Sunny cool days and cold nights will be the rule with daytime highs in the 50s North to Low to mid 60s south, except Tomorrow when highs could reach the low 70s in the South. Temps will cool to the around 50 for highs in the north Monday and around 60 in the south. Mid 50s to low 60s appears to then be the rule the rest of the week. There is a chance that the East Coast could see a Nor'easter which would further reinforce the colder air and cause windy weather later this week. If this were to materialize, the first accumulating snows could occur in a larger region of the up slope areas of West Virginia and into New England, including flakes possible in lower elevations at the end of the storm for the north.

The Tropics are super active for so late in the year. We have Shary, a hurricane,  and Tomas, a hurricane as of 11am today and is forecast to slow and become a Category 3 hurricane in the next 5 days. Shary is headed out to sea after a brush with Bermuda, but Tomas is an interesting one. As of now he is just a Caribbean system, but he could eventually phase with a front and that could mean heavy rains for parts of the east, but that is a while yet before it would be possible.

All for now!