Barry to mean rainy Sunday Night! Needed and welcome! Then a Cool down!

Very warm and muggy conditions will start to break tomorrow as Barry brings needed and some heavy rains to areas along and east of the I-95 corridor. Areas of Eastern Carolinas could see amounts up to 5" and In eastern Virginia 2-4"! The I-95 corridor will see 1-3" and areas along the foothills .5 – 1.5". Amounts will vary based on some thunderstorms which could also be severe with isolated tornadoes, especially coastal areas! 
The Low from Barry will merge with a low in the Midwest area and then pump cooler air from Canada! This will NOT be long lived and a return to Hot and Humid conditions will make there return.. more stagnant air is not too far away! 
There could be more tropical activity to watch in the Caribbean as well!
Busy times!