9/21 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

Dry weather and beautiful days continue, but we are now really in need of rain. Rita hits Category 4 status this morning. May see first true cold intrusion next week.

Summary: Now we are really in need of rain as many areas are 3?+ deficits. Last 30 days deficit can be found here: http://cirrus.dnr.state.sc.us/images/30dPDeptSERCC.png Warm weather continues though Friday and then a slight cool down. There are hints at the first real cool intrusion of air next week!

Tropics: Rita will be yet another historic storm as she heads towards category 5 status. The good news is that a storm rarely can stay Category 5 long so HOPEFULLY the system will weaken some before a landfall, but she will still be a Cat 3 or 4 at landfall. No need to belabor the point, this will do devastating things where she hits. http://hurricane.methaz.org/hurapak/AAL182005_impact.png . Needless to say there is a lot of uncertainty on her track: Latest models http://hurricane.methaz.org/hurapak/AAL182005_perf.html Just start praying for her victims

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