90s to continue! Bill to become Hurricane! Claudette comes on shore overnight!

90s will rule the next few days through Wednesday and then we have a LOT to watch.

A strong cold front will be marching towards the east coast and arrive Wednesday. The system will stall or move slowly eastward. Meanwhile it will have a lot of moisture from the Tropical Depression now in the Gulf Coast, possibly the leftovers of Tropical Storm Ana (although she is having a hard time holding together), and possibly of what happens with Bill. Bill is looking like he COULD become a major hurricane! He could get entrained into that front along the east coast and pose a threat from the Mid Atlantic up through New England!

This is an interesting week with a lot of interesting weather later in the week!


Ana: She has been downgraded to a Depression and could just a tropical wave by tomorrow. Will need to watch the Gulf at this point for a re-strengthening.It is possible then she could hit the western Gulf at this point. She will be tough to determine track and whether she is worth watching if she dissipates as she looks like she is doing!

Bill: Looks like the First Hurricane (Likely tonight) and likely a Major one (Category 3 or Higher!) in the next 3 days. Concern will be if he interacts with the strong front heading towards the east coast later this week! Could mean a hit on the east coast, or at least a serious rain threat!

Claudette: She is now up to 50 MPH winds. She is looking like she will now go WEST of the Florida Peninsula!. I see it strengthening now and she will likely have winds in the 60 to 65 MPH range. She will dissipate over land, but the moisture will energize the front moving across the country

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