An Backdoor cold front moves temps down several degrees from record highs yesterday! Warmer temperatures return tomorrow, but not as warm as yesterday and cloudy skies seem to be the mainstay this week! Very long term see a chance of pattern changes but we are talking weeks from now!



A back door cold front came through the region overnight and has dropped many areas temperatures so that today temps will be as much as 20-25 degrees cooler. Temps will moderate across a lot of the area again tomorrow, but it is unlikely temps will be as warm as they were yesterday.  A front will cross the area Tuesday and cause a slight chance of rain. Another chance of Rain Thursday Morning followed by at least normal temperatures for a day or so, before another warm up next weekend.



Sunday: SW: 55-65 SE: 55-65 N: 45-55

Cooler temperatures (but not too far from normal). Some drizzle possible in the north especially


Monday: SW: 60-70 SE: 60-70 N: 55-65

Cloudy, a few showers possible, but definitely milder temperatures


Tuesday: SW: 60-70 SE: 60-70 N: 55-65

Chance of some showers.


Wednesday: SW: 60-70 SE: 60-70 N: 55-65

Chance of some showers. Rain at night.


Thurssday: SW: 50-60 SE: 50-60 N: 45-55

Chance of rain. Cooler.


Long Term:

Warmer temps possible again next weekend. Colder air possible between the 15th an 20th.



All for now!



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