Light snow and snow showers the next 24-30 hours. Storm this weekend will be wintry, but its outcome is likely messy!


First things first. 2 systems affect us the next 24-30 hours. The one today has more precip and with dusting already going on 1-2 inches at best, especially north of Charlottesville to Fredericksburg to Dover Delaware line. Thinking now statewide a dusting to 1 inch not out of the question!

Cold conditions continue

This weekend storm holds many problems for true snow lovers. IF the models are showing what will happen the below seems to line up with their thoughts.

  1. There is not a good 50/50 low. Or there is not even one. 50/50 lows are crucial for all snow events in our region. Does not mean a no snow event, just not likely an all snow event
  2. The Low is strong due west of the area. This means I am pretty sure a mixing situation to rain, especially south. An Ice Storm could easily set up before the changeover to just rain, and it is possible the changeover to all rain may never come for all.
  3. Northwestern Virginia and Central to western Maryland appear the best shot for significant if not major snow.
  4. Northern Virginia East of I-95 will see snow.. but a mix to even rain possible for a while with a change back to snow at the end.
  5. Northern Virginia west of I-95 will see Snow…a mix at the height of the storm is probable which will cut down on accumulations, but a moderate to significant event is not out of the
  6. The Piedmont of the state could see a brief period of snow and sleet but they run a real risk of a serious ice storm before a change to all rain and then maybe back to snow north of Richmond.

Due to the event of this weekend being all I am pretty much talking about, I will not post the
forecast until Maybe Sunday. Next week looks to slowly moderate with another system affecting us later in the week which also could be an event to watch!

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Atlantic Weather forum!!
I want to make sure that you get your thoughts in and why you think the storm
will do what it will do. I am especially interested in this weekend events and
would love observation reports! Lets me know if the forecast is holding true!

All for now!