A mild day on hand with temps reaching well into the 60’s area wide. Tomorrow a front will move through the area and temperatures will return to season for the weekend. Potential exits next week for snow, but definitely potential for a colder pattern. POTENTIAL is the key word here!

Summary:Sorry it has been so long since I updated. Between problems with the plumbing in our house to having a young family life is anything but slow! Only good news has been that the weather has been inactive. As a snow lover that is not really good news, but helped me not feel too guilty about lack of updates. The forecast I had before was OK, but the heavy rains and
thunder I expected on Thursday will not be there. A front will cross the area tomorrow and then Thursday will be a windy day with temperatures back to seasonal levels. The weather stays tranquil until Sunday night, when the first Potential storm shows up! What will it be? Ironically a lot depends on what happens with the storm that will rock New England Thursday (and cause us wind) with snow! That low may set up a 50/50 low ( see http://www.wxrisk.com/SECS/5050/50-50.htm for understanding of its importance). If the 50/50 sets up., Mondays precip could easily be snow. If it does not, a milder look to early next week appears!

Thanks to all who posted to and joined the Forum. Sometimes I can write a quick comment there that I cannot here so you should check for long term and forecast discussions if you have not! Our community has grown to 22 members. Please join those who have so we can get good feedback and regional coverage. http://www.midatlanticweather.com/bb/


Today: SW: 60-70 SE: 60-70 N: 55-65

Continued warm! Partly Cloudy.

Wednesday: SW: 60-70 SE: 60-70 N: 60-70

Still pleasant temps, but afternoon rain showers possible.

Thursday: SW: 45-55 SE: 45-55 N: 40-50

Breezy. Maybe a morning shower (or even snow shower North and Mountains)

Friday: SW: 45-55 SE: 45-55 N: 40-50


Saturday: SW: 45-55 SE: 45-55 N: 40-50


Sunday: SW: 45-55 SE: 45-55 N: 40-50

Increasing Clouds. Possible Rain and or Snow overnight depending on location and the 50/50 low as discussed above.

Long Term:

A turn to colder conditions could occur around Mid Week. There is a possibility that the Monday system will be a larger snow, but much to watch. If it does not snow Monday, it is because the pattern did not evolve with the 50/50 low, so early week temperatures could be very mild. I believe the next cold stretch will be it for the winter as it will take us into March.

All for Now!