7/28 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

Yeah.. The break in the heat arrived! Heavy thunderstorms yesterday definitely knocked out power and caused some damage. The front that passed through the area yesterday is hung up in NC and a wave of low pressure will increase rain chances overnight into tomorrow. A risk of a showers on Sunday, but otherwise this is incredible weather!  Sorry to all that experienced issues with my site, but I am happy to say it is completely restored and working better than it did! WHY? I switched hosting companies! If looking for a host this deal is incredible, look below for information!


Summary:  A powerful Canadian front knocked down the ridiculous heat nationwide and now is hanging around the NC area which could still pose the risk of thunderstorms, especially the southernmost regions near the NC border. There is a chance that a storm or two could be severe down there. A risk of a shower will increase late today and overnight as a wave of low pressure rides along the front.  Then a clearer day Saturday North, but south may still be dealing with showers and storms from time to time. Another area wide chance of showers and storms on Sunday. Temps though will be incredibly cooler with highs upper 70s to mid 80s at best!   Temps creep to normal levels near Tuesday and make it next Wednesday. An afternoon shower or storm seems possible straight through then.


Tropics: Franklin is hanging on but moving on out to sea. Another disturbance is looking busier out in the Atlantic and is being monitored. Nothing immediate from what I can see beyond Franklin.


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(Temperatures are usually 5-10 degrees cooler in the mountains)


MUCH COOLER! Chances of showers and Thunderstorms, especially south, then area wide overnight.


Chances of showers and Thunderstorms, especially south with a decreasing chance in the north.


Nice, especially north, chance of showers and storms still in the south.


Better chance of showers and storms area wide in the afternoon.


A chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Temps still a few degrees below normal!


A chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Temps near normal!


A chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Temps near normal!


Long Term:

A return to hot weather looks immanent! Unfortunate, but the cold front that knocked our temps down was a bit anomalous!

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All for now!

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