11/25/2006: Cold Air set to arrive in a week. Enjoy the nice weather the next several days!

Not much more to share so I will just let this ride. Nice weather until about next Thursday. Much colder temps will arrive and even the possibility of snow? Maybe… much to watch in about a week!
All for now!


11/24 Increasing chances for a Serious cold shot next weekend! Snow? Still a question, but possible!! NICE 5-6 days ahead!

We will be under a Zonal Flow the next several days which will mean temps at or slightly above normal. Next Thursday a strong cold front is likely to come through and usher in much colder air! Highs Thursday may be in the mid 60’s but Friday evening they may have plummeted to the lower 30s! The question that remains is whether or not the old air turns precipitation to a brief snow shower or even if a secondary wave of low pressure comes riding along that strong cold front and causes wintry precipitation! I am not sure. What does appear likely is that the cold air will be impressive, but only last 3 days at most! Highs may not get out of the 30’s for 2 of the 3 days though!
All for now!