Colder air while not be brutal for us but could be ushered in with some good rains. An eventual Mountain snowshower event. What about next week? +NAO does not favor a good East Coast Low. Maybe something to watch though

Summary: Nice weather countdown to more normal to slightly below for the weekend an into next week. The Front arrival on Thursday Night/Friday could trigger some stronger showers.. Maybe a storm? Being Dec 1 it is nice to see the temps trend a bit more season like, even a bit below!

Chicago may be spared the serious snows, but the Midwest will still see a significant Snow storm!

A disturbance could come close to the east coast next Tuesday/ Wednesday. Cold air would be available, but the storm may miss us and possibly graze New England? WAY TOO EARLY to tell and just a model thought now.

Thanks to all who continue to post to the Forum.

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