Snow will Visit Region with 1-3″ and mixes as well.

1-3″ will fall from a n area north Charlottesville to Fredericksburg line and South of a Frederick county to Baltimore county line. Then a mix will occur from Richmond Southwest to the areas just east of the North Carolina Mountains. It would appear that .10 to .25″ of ice is possible, the heaviest in Valleys and areas just east of the Mountains (Up to 40 miles east of Mountains in the Piedmont.)

This is not a huge event, but ice would be an issue for travel. Precip will start later in the morning in the SW and late in the day for the northern parts.

Snow will end as freezing drizzle. Of note, when these storms are ideal some places get some heavier precip so isolated 4-5″ totals on snow would not surprise me!

Later next week, POTENTIAL, Really is there for a good snow for parts of the region! I will keep you posted. No time to do a map tonight, MAY have one tomorrow Morning!!!!