Frozen Mix on the way! Cold rain the outcome!

There will be some interesting weather Starting tomorrow night and continuing into Sunday! It looks like now we will see some sleet and even freezing rain west of I-95 as a southern storm heads towards the area. Warmer air will come in quickly, and many may see some flakes for a little bit, and then a quick changeover. I could see sleet being at the start of most areas of the middle part of Virginia with a quick turnover to rain, but, the temps will drop to freezing or below west of the I-95 corridor. Areas further north in Western Maryland, east of the moutains, could see some accumulations. West of the mountains, could see a 6″+ snow!

Although the exact scenario is hard to tell. The valleys North of Charlottesville and along teh spine of the Appalachians of Virginia up into Maryland COULD see enough ice to meet minimum Warning criteria. Most likely areas North of Charlottesville up to Maryland and about 35 miles west if I-p5 will see winter weather advisory criteria!

Quick map likely soon!

All for now!