Probably a little bit, but most will see just flurries! The most energy is headed north of the region and that will end up keeping us away from the best moisture chances. The energy will go straight over the mountains which will also tend to dry it out. That being said, clippers can do a little better than you would think and it would not completely surprise me to see a period of light snow and that could dust quite a few places. LIGHT DUST that is!

It started off VERY cold today! I hit the teens for the first time this season at my house!

Tomorrow, as the system creates a coastal low off of New England, winds will kick up and a very blustery day will be on tap! Highs in the teens to mid 30s for most with strong winds will make it miserable!

Monday will see a calmer day as the High Pressure system slides through and starts to move out.

With some dryness in the air and a storm approaching, it would not surprise me to see some sleet, possibly snow in the northern area, as precipitation starts Tuesday morning, but the precip will be a cold rain.

My thoughts that it could go milder, have been replaced by the the thought that it may not be as cold, but still pretty chilly! This MAY lead to an interesting set up next weekend but things still do not paint the best picture